Skills, Passion, Dedication,
and a love for all things techy.

Matt Vocino started feature presentation over 10 years ago. He realized there was a void in the market and decided that with his knowledge and determination he would fill it. What bothered Matt so much is when he visited some of the local stores in the area he was left perplexed. He either left the store thinking that he knew more about the product than the salesperson at the big box store, or that he didn’t belong in the boutique shops along Woodward Ave.

Fast forward 10 years, Matt and the crew have installed thousands of televisions, home theaters, and smart home automation systems, and pulled miles of wire through some of the most beautiful homes in the Michigan. Those boutique shops along Woodward? They’re gone now, but Matt and the friendly people at Feature Presentation Audio Video are here waiting to help you.


His interest in Surround Sound started at a young age after being introduced to the world of HiFi. As a kid he would spend his birthday money on AV equipment, all starting at 12 years old when he bought his first Dolby Digital Receiver. Holiday Presents and Birthday gifts would be speakers and DVD players. His house was always the place his friends would gather to watch movies, as it was the only one with surround sound. His love for the AV industry brought him to Circuit City, at 18, where he was the “go-to” home audio guy for 5 years. He would stay there until leaving to work full-time starting and building up Feature Presentation.


Todd is our alarm expert, as he’s been in the industry for more than 20 years! But, that isn’t the only area of his capabilities; Todd is well versed in all other aspects of the low voltage system, from wiring new houses, central vacuum, camera systems, and AV systems.


His interest in audio video started right out of high school with his job at Circuit City, where he learned the basics. A few years later he joined up with Matt, here at Feature Presentation, and has been here since the beginning, only taking some time away for schooling, and returning as our Lead Technician. Specialization in Control4 home automation with Tech 2 Certification, he really enjoys the challenge of getting all different devices to play together, to create a truly smart home experience.


Dave is our youngest technician, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll find him at some of our largest installations working with our experienced technicians. Starting here when was only 18, Dave has the experience and knowledge it takes to get the job done right.


Originally starting with us in our younger years Mike found his way back again after moving back up to Michigan. He has a long work history in the electronics industry from previous sales positions at Circuit City and Best Buy. When not working Mike a talented artist which you can see in his attention for detail in his work.