Planning Your Music

First step to a successful project: careful planning

  • Which Rooms?

    With our multi-room audio systems it’s easy to fill the entire home with music. Let us help you pick the rooms

  • DIY or Pro?

    If you’re thinking of doing this on your own. Here’s some food for thought before you start.

  • Streaming Music

    Streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, I Heart Radio, and TuneIn Radio are free and available.

  • iTUNES & CD's

    What good is a multi-room audio system if you can’t play your CD’s or iTUNES music? We’ll show you how.

  • Project Budget

    If budget is a concern, you can start small and add on over time, building your dream system.

  • Controlling It All

    iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. Easily control your multi-room audio system with the touch of a button.


It’s Your Music Where You Want It.

Adding wiring while the walls are still open can save you thousands in future labor costs. Call Feature Presentation while building and we will give you better placement of outlets and interfaces, options for more effective security features, and the ability to install automation items down the road. From Cable Lines to Data Connections along with Speaker lines.


WIFI Gives You Control.

Controlling your new multi-room audio system is as easy as using an app on your phone. Whether you’re Apple or Droid, Mac or PC, it’s easy to control your music with the WIFI network that’s already in your home.



Let It Play In Every Room

At Feature Presentation we like television. But we love music. In fact, we’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love music. It’s something that we as humans feel at our very core. Nothing gets the blood pumping like your favorite song. So why don’t we listen to more music in our homes? It’s certainly a strange phenomena. We listen to music in the car, the gym, at the beach, and everywhere else. For most, the music goes off when we step out of the car. Let’s keep the music going in every room of the house.


Wired for Sound. And Tomorrow.

SONOS revolutionized what a whole house audio system can be. Listen to any song, anywhere. Feature Presentation is proud to be one of the leading SONOS dealers in Michigan. Easily controlled with your Mac, PC or any smart phone (iPhone or Droid) Sonos is one of our favorite systems to install, and our customers love it.

See what streaming services are available on SONOS.



“Zones” a.k.a Rooms

In “techy” jargon we’ll often refer to rooms of your home as zones. Why? Because with the latest in multi-room audio like SONOS you can listen to different songs in different rooms all at the same time. Then with the press of a button, you can group the entire house to play in concert.


In Wall & In Ceiling

Choose from In-Wall or In-Ceiling speakers for your multi-room audio system. Aside from sounding excellent, the latest architectural speakers have a very low-profile that almost makes them invisible against white ceilings. You get the best of both worlds, great sound and aesthetics.


Separate Connect: AMP

Connecting each pair of speakers in your home to a separate Connect:AMP gives you the ability to listen to whatever song you want, when you want, where you want.

Providing a complete line of low voltage services, Feature Presentation Audio Video is Oakland & Macomb counties choice for quality service and selection. Whether you’re looking for a little update or you’re building your dream home we have a solution that fits your style and budget. We’ll provide a FREE in-home proposal to discuss the details of your project, answer any questions, and make recommendations.

Start planning your smart home system

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